Princess and her Jedi



We have kittens!


Great babies of Vesper*SK - Galilea and Gulliver - were born on 3 August. For more info and current pics visit the Kittens section Wink

New pics of kittens


We have added new pics of Fanfan and Fantomas at the age of 8 weeks, You will find them in the Kittens section Wink


We have kittens


You can see the first pics of Fantomas and Fanfan in the Kittens section Smile

New pics of kittens


Evelyne, Elisha, Esmee, Elaine, Eros, and Etienne are almost 10 weeks old - you can admire their new pics in the Kittens section Wink


New pics of kittens


Evelyne, Elaine, Esmee, Elisha, Eros, and Etienne are two months old today - we have added new pics, visit the Kittens section



Litter E


On Saturday, 13 October 2012, six beautiful babies were born to Jamaica of Beyrouth*CZ and IC Amazing Goliash of Vesper*SK -

Evelyne, Elisha, Esmee, Elaine, Etienne, and Eros.

Babies are growing up into beautySmile


Litter D


On Monday, 30 July 2012, three beautiful kittens were born to parents Athena and Happy Day  - Miss Daisy, Miss Destiny and baby boy Diego.

We will add pictures as soon as very careful mum Athena allows us to arrange photosessions:)))


ICS Žilina 22.4.2012


After a lonegr period of time, we attended the international cat show in Žilina held on 22 April 2012. Here are the results: Amazing Goliash of Vesper*SK - EX1 and 3rd CACIB, which means that our sweet boy became an international champion; Jamaica of Beyrouth*CZ - EX1 and 2nd CAC, and our sweetie Butterflydust´s Happy Day received EX1 Smile




Ostrava Cat Show


Our sweet Goliash received his second CACIB and beautiful Miss Jamaica received EX1 and CAC - they were very popular also among visitors Smile

Banská Bystrica International Cat Show


Our Amazing Goliash of Vesper  - The Big White Paw Smile - received his first CACIB and Miss Athena of Vesper - Tinuška -  was granted her third CAC and became Champion-:))))


New pics


We have added new pictures of our kittens at the age of 4 months. Little ladies and gentlemen are getting more and more beautiful and are ready to conquer new households and beds Wink.

Viničné Cat Show


Amazing Goliash of Vesper received his third CAC and thus became Champion!!! Athena of Vesper - EX1 and second CAC and our new boy in the house - Butterflydust´s Happy Day presented himself more than nicely - EX1 and BIS nomination in the category  of 3-6 months old kittens. We are very proud of themWink 

New pics of kittens


We have added new pics of our kittens from the B and C liiters - we are looking for new loving families for them:))))

International Cat Show in Žilina


Our Amazing Goliash of Vesper received EX1, his second CAC and BIS nomination!!! Athena of Vesper - our sweet Tina - received EX1, CAC and according to the judge Tina´s body is a DREAMCool

Shebeevinnies and Pralines


Babies grow up very quickly and start to discover the BIG world:)))))))))

New pics


Our sweet kittens grow up unbelievably quickly, they are already one month old - have a look at them in the Kittens section Smile 

First pics


We have added first pictures of little ladies and gentleman from litter B - visit the Kittens section

New kittens aboard


Our perfect moms - Sheba and Jamaica Praline  gave us a bunch of beautiful kittens - Venture is the proud fatherSmile.
We will add their pictures as soon as we succeed in taking themWink.


Amazing Goliash


On the 1st of May our Goliash attended his first "adult" show and was awarded EX1, received his first CAC and was praised for the perfect shape of his body, condition, and silky coatSmile.


Miss Artemis


Our sweet little Artemis has found a new home in the Catyscoon cattery in Hunagry. Thank you Kati for taking perfect care of our girl!Cool

International Cat Show, Ostrava, Czechia


On 8 January 2011 Miss Sheba Main Bastet and our baby boy Goliash took part in an international cat show held in Ostrava, the Czech Republic. Miss Sheba received her third CAC title and thus became CHAMPION and Goliash recieved a very nice evaluation, the EX1 mark,  and nomination to the Best in Show competition - it was the very first show for him and our little boy was very brave:-)))). We are very, very proud of them both:-)))))

Miss Artemis


You can still ask about our beautiful and sweet Miss Artemis - we are looking for a new family for her and people who will love and pamper her - :)).

Budapest International Cat Show, Hungary


Miss Jamaica of Beyrouth and Miss Athena of Vesper took part in an international cat show held in Budapest, Hungary, on 11 December 2010 and both of them were very successful: Miss Jamaica received EX1 and Miss Athena received EX1, Best in Variety Total award, and Best in Show nomination - we are very proud of our young ladies!:)))))



Have a look at pictures of kittens at the age of 4 months. Kids are ready to go to new families!  

International Cat Show in Banská Bystrica


Our first breeding pair, Sheba Main Bastet and Venture of Beyrouth, gained success at the show held in Banská Bystrica on 9 - 10 October 2010. Both of them received Ex1 and CAC, which has already been the second CAC for Miss Sheba.)))

International Cat Show in Bratislava


Miss Jamaica of Beyrouth participated in her first show held in Bratislava on 18.9.2010. She was granted Ex 1, and received an excellent evaluation. The judge was excited about amazing colours of her fur, wild look, and great body. 

New pics of our kittens


Five amazing kittens