We have babies



Litter CH - Charming Babies :)))


Parents: CH Athena of Vesper*SK a Butterflydust´s Happy Day*DE 

Date of birth: 9. 1. 2014

Both parents are HCM N/N, SMA, and PKD negat



 black with white   (n 09)
 already in a new family  
 red tabby (d 22)  
 already in a new family 
 black  (n)


Litter I - Irresistible Girl :)))


Parents: Elaine of Vesper*SK and Butterflydust´s Happy Day*DE 

Date of birth: 7 October 2014

Both parents are HCM N/N, SMA and PKD negat


 Name  Sex               Colour  Photographs    Status
 Imani  girl  blue tabby with white  (a 09 23)           here  already in a new family  



Litter J - Jedi Boy :)))

Parents: Jamaica of Beyrouth*CZ and IC Amazing Goliash of Vesper*SK 

Date of birth: 9 October 2014

Both parents are HCM N/N, SMA and PKD negat


 Name   Sex               Colour  Photographs     Status
 Jedi Red Dragon   boy  red tabby  (d 23)          here    available  


Our kittens are a little miracle for us and therefore we are looking for caring and nice people for them. Kittens may move to a new approved family at the age of 16 weeks when they are already fully vaccinated, dewormed, and equipped with an identification chip implant. We will be happy to meet those interested in our kittens personally and to have a little talk. We certainly expect that the new staff working for our kittens will remain in touch with us, will send us photos, and inform us about the kitten´s life.


Available - it means either that nobody has shown interest in the kitten yet or that we have not selected a suitable family for the sweetie from those interested

Option - somebody suitable has shown interest in the kitten, but you still may contact us and ask

Reserved - a selected approved new owner has already paid an advance for the kitten, but there is still a little chance that you may have it

Sold - a suitable family has been approved for the kitten and the full price has already been paid.

The only thing that really matters to us is to find nice families and people for our kittens, who will love them as much as we do. We prefer those wishing to find a pet - it means that the kitten will not be a part of a breeding program and will be neutered upon reaching 1 year of age. If you like one of our kittens, e-mail us and we will provide you with information concerning the next steps and terms and conditions under which you may obtain a kitten from us. If you decide, after a non-binding visit to our home, that one of our little elfins has already got you in his or her paws and you cannot live without the mohair sweetie anymore, we will enter with you into an agreement securing the right of first refusal based on which the kitten will be reserved for you. All other details and information about the things that the kitten likes and how to take care of it will be provided to you during a personal meeting.

Cheyenne of Vesper*SK
Imani of Vesper*SK
Jedi Red Dragon of Vesper*SK