About us

Our love for cats started one summer evening four years ago when we brought home two small, about 6 weeks old, abandoned kittens from a garden district. Miš and Maš very quickly conquered the entire household, colonized our bed, and put the strict rule of cat paws in place. Since that moment it took only one small step for us to start visiting cat shows and thinking about who could become another member of our “family”. Everything became clear after the 2007 World Cat Show:-).

A majestic appearance, distinctive mouth, gorgeous and very expressive eyes, a fox like tail, and lynx tips - who possibly could resist? We could not and thus “coonies” became a part of our life and they have enriched it incredibly. They are true members of the family and “assistant” cats – it does not matter what we are doing, there are always several of them around us - when working with PC, washing dishes, watching TV, working in the garden, in the bed:-).

We have tried to create the best possible conditions for them and now they can enjoy our small family house full of scratching posts and places for resting and a quite big and well protected garden where they can maintain their good shape through hunting everything possible and impossible and chasing each other.

We put great emphasis on their happiness, satisfaction, and health and we wish that our kittens make their new families happy for many, many years and therefore we have brought our queens and kings from truly renowned breeding catteries with a long tradition. We pay more than great attention to quality food, genetic testing, regular vaccination, high quality veterinary care, and last but not least, to thorough socialization of our kittens – our aim is to bring up kittens that are not only up to the maine coon standard but also healthy, self-confident, and cuddlesome – kittens that will make “their people” only happy. Our kittens are brought up as if they were our kids – they are getting used to everyday life activities and living with people and other cat members of our family. We maintain continuous contact with the “personnel” working for our kittens and we are happy when we receive messages and pictures documenting how well our little sweeties have conquered their new territories.

We will be happy if you become, also through our website, guests of our family of gentle giants and cat hearts:-).

P.S. All cat members of our family are regularly vaccinated, have been tested (FeLV, FIV – negat.) and receive the excellent care provided by MVDr. Slavomír Truska.